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Thank you for visiting our FAQ page. Scroll down to find your question and answer. If you do not find any answer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact us…

▸ How does it work?

1. You let us know what kind of product are you looking for

2. We send an inquiry to suitable suppliers.

3. You will receive quotations from different suppliers.

Until now there are no costs involved

4. If necessary, a sample is ordered.

5. Together we vist the supplier to get you introduced.

It is important for us that You have a direct contact with the supplier. No one knows your product better than you.

6. The order is placed

7. You now have your own supplier in China

▸ For how long has TransTec been doing business with Chinese companies?

About 25 years. First contacts with Chinese companies were made 1995 and we are still working with some of the suppliers we first made contact with.

▸ Who decides which supplier we should use for our products?

TransTec will present quotations based on your inquiry and,
if requested, we will visit all interesting suppliers together. After this, you
make the decision which supplier to use.

▸ Can I as a customer visit the factories TransTec are using?

Yes, we are welcoming customers to visit the factories
we work with. Nobody knows the product better than you and it is important
for us that you have a good relationship with the supplier.

▸ Can I as a customer visit the factories to conduct a factory audit?

Yes, we are welcoming visits to the factories. Several factories we are working with have yearly inspection by Notified Body to conduct Factory Production Control.

▸ What happens if TransTec does not find a supplier suitable for our product?

If we cannot present a technical and commercially interesting solution, then we don’t charge for the time spent.

▸ Is there a minimum order volume required?

It depends on what kind of product we are looking for, but there are usually no minimum volumes. However, the prices of the goods plus the fixed costs of importing can sometimes make it more economical to buy in higher volumes.

▸ Can you show me some examples?

Yes, of course!
Please visit our pictures page, where you will find pictures from different suppliers we are working with today.
You will find pictures of Machining, Profiles, Bollards, Roller/Mould, Foundry, Aluminum honeycomb and Bicycles[/cs_content_seo]