About TransTec Sweden AB

It all started with a visit to Radio Factory No.3 in Qingdao...
and the idea to sell used machinery to Chinese companies, but it all very soon took a 180 degree turn

Our History

TransTec Sweden AB was founded by Rolf Thomasson 1995 and his plan from the beginning was to sell used machinery to Chinese companies. After his first visit to China he realized that this would not be a very good idea as he saw the potential in the factories he visited.

Very soon contacts were made with a couple of foundries to help them to export to Sweden, some of which we still are working with. Thru the years TransTec have established a reliable, professional and competitive manufacturing network for machining, forging, casting, cutting, stamping and bending.

If You’d like to find a manufacturing solution in China for a special product, we will find You a vendor and manage the procurement. Our suppliers represent the world leaders in industries such as engineering, electronics , glass, aluminum, road safety and much more.